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Monthly Pest Control Program

Carpenter Ant Control

Excellent for an active home or business.

Your property will be inspected and/or treated for 12 consecutive months. Interior and exterior service (weather permitting), including garage and/or storage areas. Child, Pet friendly and Enviroment friendly service. Home preventive maintenance advice on every inspection.

This program is recommended to customers with very little tolerance to insect or rodent activity at their property.

House ants, roaches, carpenter ants, silverfish, mice, rats, centipedes, millipedes, bed bugs,beetles, spiders and others are best controlled under this program.

Fee starts at $40.00 (* See Note)

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Quarterly Pest Control Program

Excellent as a maintenance or preventive service.

Your property will be inspected and/or treated 4 times per year. Interior and exterior service (weather permitting), including garage and/or storage areas.

This program is recommended to customers with moderate tolerance to insect activity, difficulty scheduling monthly visits and with minor insect problems or activity during the year. From spiders, silverfish, ants, millipedes, centipedes, crickets, wasps, pantry pests or preventive service against bed bugs, roaches, moths, mice and much more. No charge for additional service between visits.

Fee starts at $95.00 (* See Note)

Q Pest Control utilizes Eco-Smart Technologies that provide botanical products with excellent results, no odor and an unprecedented margin of safety for home or office. Our techniques prevent the need for you to leave the home or office, remove dishes or items from your cabinets prior to service. We are not going to disrupt your daily routines. We are going to help keeping your home pest free.

One Time Pest Control Service

Excellent for occasional or seasonal insect activity.

Hornets, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Clover Mites, Fleas, Carpenter Bees.

Some situations require a longer service program. Ask your inspector during the initial visit for the best options and recommendations for your property.

Fee starts at $175.00

(*) An Initial service fee will be charge to all programs except for the One Time Service. Initial fee starts at $150.00 and increases depending on property size, special requirements, pest type and program selected.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are becoming an ever increasing problem for Maryland home owners. Several signs of bed bug infestations are fecal and blood spots left on sheets and pillowcases. Small red bites on body areas where a bed bug may bite while you sleep, arms, neck,shoulders, face or legs. They are similar in size to ticks when adult but may be as small as a grain of sugar at the egg stage or newly hatched. They may hide in boxsprings, in bed frames, bed headboards, night tables, under carpet along baseboards, light switches, pictures frames hanging on the walls, chairs, books or any piece of furniture where thay can hide and wait until night fall. Many over the counter products or on the web products do not work. The spraying or bombing of your property could push these insects deeper into walls, furniture or your neighbors property creating a more difficult infestation to control. Let our experience and attention to detail take care of these bed bugs before they get worse. We utilize the most advanced and effective techniques and products available in our industry. We may use steam, Deamoteceuos Earth, insect growth regulators, caulking, vaccuming, exclusion or contact spray to remedy the problem. Each home and insect problem is different and needs unique attention for successful results.

Q Pest Control can help control bed bugs and get you back to having a good night sleep. We also provide bed bug proof boxsprings and mattress covers certified by Protect-A-Bed. We offer bed bug covers below retail cost only to our new and current customers in the Bed Bug Control Programs.


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William McConnell - Baltimore, Maryland
I cannot remember the last time a service company provided excellent customer service for my family, thank you. Call 443-253-7736 for references.

Mr. Rob Bundy, III - Ellicott City, Maryland
I had two companies before, requesting more money and for me to open a wall for their service. Q Pest did it for a better price and found the source without problems.
The Best Pest Detective Ever!

Debbie Albrecht - Sykesville, Maryland
Your representative was very nice and knew what to do to control the insect problem. I would recommend your company to all my friends and neighbors.

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